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by Keith Kravitz

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Most homeowners could not imagine living even a day without air conditioning in Florida’s humid and hot weather. Usually, when something goes wrong with the AC, most people will call an AC repair company to fix it right away.

Sometimes problems with the AC are not always apparent right away. The drain line often gets clogged, and next thing you know, you have a leak. If you catch the leak early, it can usually be resolved quickly by turning off the AC, clearing the line, and drying up whatever water is on the floor from the backup. But what if you do not realize there is a leak, the AC continues to overflow, and the water seeps into your home, under your floors, and even gets into your walls.

This happened to me. My AC was in the garage, and it began to back up. Because it was in the garage, I did not notice it. Because the leak was in a covered box that the AC unit stood was mounted on, I could not see it. Unfortunately, my house was pitched so that the water began seeping into my extra bedroom, which was my office. I was never sure when the leak started, but one day I noticed that the laminate flooring was beginning to come up and separate, and water was coming up from the floor. As I investigated, I saw boxes in my closet. The room was soaked, and the next thing I knew, so were my walls. I had no idea my leaking AC could unknowingly do so much damage to my home. I called a water remediation company to assist with drying out the room. Once they got there, they used an Infrared moisture detector to determine that the damage was even more severe than I thought. It had affected several walls in my house, the office flooring, and two closets, and I also found mold. I am covered for the water damage but not for fixing the AC. I called the Insurance company to see if I was covered, and I was for the water damage but not for the AC unit, which had failed as well. I had an adjuster come out and work up an estimate. The insurance company gave me a low-ball number for my claim. Fortunately, I am a Public Adjuster, and I knew how to negotiate my claim, and I got the repairs covered for over $30,000—all that from one little AC leak.

There is a moral to this story, and it does not underestimate the type of damage an AC leak can do to your home.   It could be devastating to your property, and mold can be harmful to your health. Bring in a professional to assess the leak damage and maximize the claim to ensure you can get your property repaired right. If you need any assistance with your AC leak insurance claim, contact USA Damage Claims  or call 954-477-6161